Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog Post # 11

kids at computer

First Grade Teacher Ms. Cassidy

Watching Ms. Cassidy's class was a huge shock! I never knew children that young could be so good with using technology, but then again I take that back because my four year old daughter is very intelligent when it come to using my desk top, lap top or smart phone. I think it is great that children are learning at an early age. Ms. Cassidy's first graders know how to use blogger, skype, and wikis. Wow! I love the fact that the kids are serious about their work and experience with technology to be as young as they are. I would use blogger and skype in my classroom to interact with my students.

Dr. Strange's skype interview with Ms. Cassidy was interesting and I enjoyed watching and listening to their points of views about technology. They both have many views in common about technology and I know for sure they will keep on exploring more more over time. I love that Ms. Cassidy have a main focus with her students and to keep their education technology involved.


  1. Dana,

    I really enjoyed reading your post! I was completely amazed at how well these kids are able to use technology! I'm afraid they are WAY better than I am! That's scary to think that our children will probably know far more about it than we will. My three year old can slide the unlock arrow across the screen on my iPhone! I really enjoyed watching the Skype interview as well. I feel like Professor Strange and Ms. Cassidy have many of the same views, especially with their continued exploration to find new tools to better the learning experience of their students.

  2. Dana,

    Mrs. Cassidy is definitely an educator that we can all look up to! What she does with her 1st graders is absolutely amazing! It goes to show that just because someone may be young, that doesn't mean that he or she is any less capable!

    Great post, but be sure to add title and alt modifiers to your pictures!

    - Allie