Sunday, April 17, 2011

C4K # 9

teacher and students

C4K # 9

Mrs. Yollis Class

Getting to know Mrs. Yollis

Mrs. Yollis seem to be a very nice well educated person. She has posted a nice post about herself and her different life experience. She has been a teacher for 24 years and is very proud. By reading her post I can tell she really loves what she do.

Meet the Bloggers

Mrs. Yollis has a big third grade class. she has 22 students and it is an even amount. She has 11 girls and 11 boys, and they all love blogging.

Video: How to comment

Mrs. Yollis shares a video on how to comment on the blog. I think that was a very helpful guide and well detailed, especially for those who do not know to comment.

Learn HTML Code

This is some very helpful tips from Mrs. Yollis on how to use HTML codes. I actually had to take some notes down for my own help. Thanks Mrs. Yollis

Time Zones of Friends

This is an interesting link of the different places. Mrs. Yollis was also creative with the different colored clocks, names, and the cities by them.

Learn about California

Mrs. Yollis added a nice video of California. I think it would be good to post a video of Alabama on my future blog link.

Learning How to shoot Digital Images

This link shows video is on how to take pictures and shoot videos. Mrs. Yollis has a great blog and I love the way she interacts with her class.

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