Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog Post # 9


What I've Learned This Year By: McClung

I really enjoyed Mr. McClung post about What he have learned his first year teaching. He made great points in his post that really had me thinking and knowing to keep in mind some of the things he stated for when i graduate and become an educator. I like how he let his quotes stand out from the post then he goes into details and talks about them. He says " Don't be afraid of Technology", that is so true. Being in EDM 310 this semester has grown on me that technology is good to use in the classrooms and to share with your students. One that stuck out to me is "Never Stop Learning". I took that as just because you are a teacher that does not mean you can stop learning new things. This is a great post and I am glad it was shared with us. I will always go back and read it from time to time.


  1. Dana,
    Good post, but remember to include more details from what you read/watched so that the person reading your post can visualize it.
    Amberly Elmore

  2. Hey Dana,
    I also liked his post. The quote about how teachers need to be continually learning stuck out to me as well. Also, I am not meaning to sound critical but don't forget to proof-read, I noticed a couple of grammar errors. Other than those few things it was overall a good post.